Avoid These Food Additives


This page is very important to us because it highlights foods and food additives to avoid. This information should help empower you to make smarter decisions regarding what you put into your body. 


Lets pull together as a community and stop toxic food from being available. We have a choice every time we purchase food to vote for or against toxins in food. These articles will help remove the blinders you may have up regarding what you put in your body. 


Be warned though ... the information you are about to read will change how you look at food forever. If you are not ready to take the S.A.F.E. eating challenge I recommend that you wait until you are before you embark on this journey.


Once you become aware of how much you have been deceived about food there is no going back. Your experience in the grocery store or restaurants will never be the same. But this is a good thing! We encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and ask the question. Why?


One of the most important food additives to know about!


MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) - A silent killer that is in your kitchen cabinets right now!


Read this article FIRST before reading any other article we offer. It will open your mind regarding what you are eating!


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Citric Acid

Ascorbic Acid

Propylene Glycol

Sodium Nitrite

Caramel Coloring

Food Dyes

Carminic Acid (a.k.a. Beetle Extracts)

Silicon Dioxide (a.k.a. Sand)

Ammonium Sulfate

Cellulose (a.k.a. Wood Pulp)

Mechanically Separated Meat (MSM)



Dimetylpolysiloxane (a.k.a. Silly Putty)

L-cysteine (a.k.a. Duck Feathers and Human Hair)

Azodicarbonamide (a.k.a. Rubber Yoga Mats)